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Houston: Shangri La Gardens

Visited in November for 1 days by Drive with budget* of: US$65

Shangri La Botanical Garden is about two hours driving distance east to Houston. We visited the place the day after Thanksgiving in 2015. The entrance fee is only $6 per person. It has beautiful gardens and lakes. The greenhouses inside were very neat. Sea Rim State Park is in Port Arthur, which is 45 minutes away from Shangri La Botanical Gardens, on the way back to Houston. It is a very small park on an unclean beach.

Author's home state: TEXAS.   Created on: 2018-01-31
* Budget is for family of 2-4, including lodging, travel expense, entry fee, but excluding meals. If author didn't specify a value, it would show $0 by default.

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Trip itinerary

Date Activity Hotels
2015-11-27 00:00:00 Drive east 2 hrs from Houston . Stay for 2 hours in the garden
Drive 45 mins to Sea Rim State Park
Total About $60 for gas and entry fee for 2 adults