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Caddo Lake State Park(WIP)

Visited in August for 1 days by Drive with budget* of: US$55

We went from our homely domicile in Houston and drove for 4 hours towards Caddo Lake. Unfortunately, it poured the entire time we went there, but one could theoretically rent a canoe or kayak for usage on the lake. We took a gander at some of the trails(which were too muddy to walk in) and ate at the Shady Glade Cafe, which wasn't too bad if you discount the fact that tremendous amounts of oil were used in the cooking of the food. Since it had started pouring so badly, we had to head home then. I would not recommend anyone going here from Houston as it has little to do(even if it doesn't rain).

Author's home state: TEXAS.   Created on: 2018-08-14
* Budget is for family of 2-4, including lodging, travel expense, entry fee, but excluding meals. If author didn't specify a value, it would show $0 by default.

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Trip itinerary

Time Activity Duration
06:30:00 Wake up 15 minutes
06:45:00 Drive to park 4.5 hours
11:15:00 Go to trails at Big Cypress Bayou; Take picture at Saw Mill pond 1 hour
12:30:00 Drive 15 minutes
12:45:00 Stopped by Johnson's Ranch Marina 30 minutes
02:15:00 Eat lunch at Shady Glade Café 45 minutes
03:00:00 Go home 4 hours