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Rome, Venice, and Naples in Italy

Visited in July for 7 days by Air with budget* of: US$6000

We traveled to Italy, hoping for a fun place to have a vacation. We took a flight to Venice, and then took a Alilaguna boat to Rialto, a famous bridge that survived the bombings of World War II. We explored the city by foot, walking to landmarks such as San Marcos Square and Doge’s Palace. After visiting all the available landmarks and spending a night at a hotel, we took a Trenitalia train from Venezia S. Lucia to Roma Termini, or Rome. If you get lost, be sure to have a smart person and a map. (We learned the hard way.) Of course, we visited the Coliseum as well as the Vatican. To get there, we bought a sightseeing tour bus 24-hour ticket so we could have easy access throughout the city. However, you could use the city underground metro as a substitute if you don’t want to spend money on the tour tickets. We spent 2 nights there to explore the city. After spending our time in Rome, we took a Trenitalia train to Napoli Centrale, or Naples. We took a taxi from the train station to our hotel. We visited the nearby island Capri via boat. We hiked around the island and took a bus to a small beach – ~20 feet across. Tip: if you can get seasick, then take one of the more expensive boats; they usually roll less. We then returned to Venice (Venezia S. Lucia) via Trenitalia train. We stayed at a hotel for a night, caught a plane home. Just remember to remember the term grazie, or thank you, in Italian.

Author's home state: TEXAS.   Created on: 2018-01-31
* Budget is for family of 2-4, including lodging, travel expense, entry fee, but excluding meals. If author didn't specify a value, it would show $0 by default.

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Trip itinerary

Date Things to do Nights to stay Hotel Hotel address Trainstation name Way to get there
2016-07-21 Arrvied Venice 1 night at Venice Hotel Graspo de Ua San Marco 5094\nVenice, VE 30124 Venezia S. Lucia alilaguna boat $15, Orange line, go to Relito.
2016-07-22 4 hour train to rome 2 night at Rome Hotel Rex Via Torino 149, Rome RM 00184 Roma Termini train ticket:
2016-07-23 Arrive Rome
2016-07-24 train to Naples 2 night at Naples Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo Via Ponte di Tappia 25 Naples 80133 Italy. Tel: +39-081-7970001 Napoli Centrale Take taxi $20
2016-07-25 Naples; Can take a boat to Positano, pass sodauto, then boat to Capri island
2016-07-26 5 hours train Back to Venice 1 night at Venice Santa Chiara Hotel Santa Croce 548\nVenice, VE 30135