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San Antonio Riverwalk + Canyon Lake

Visited in July for 2 days by Drive with budget* of: US$380

Just park your car somewhere at the San Antonio Riverwalk, you can walk to the Alamo, take a carriage tour, then just walk along the river or take a boat tour. You can do a lot and go to places to eat without driving. Canyon Lake has a beautiful view in front of you while you were walking on the dam. We also got a very close view of the dam gate with water stream gushing out, fabulous view!

Author's home state: TEXAS.   Created on: 2018-02-04
* Budget is for family of 2-4, including lodging, travel expense, entry fee, but excluding meals. If author didn't specify a value, it would show $0 by default.

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Trip itinerary

Date Activity Hotels
2015-06-06 00:00:00 Drive 2.5 hrs, visit Lockhart State Park; Drive 1 hr to River Walker, San Antonio. Walk to Alamo, take horse carriage ride and back to River walk to take boat ride San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk, 889 East Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
2015-06-07 00:00:00 Drive 1 hrs and visit Overlook Park at Canyon Lake and Guadalupe Park Trail at Canyon Lake, then drive back to Houston in 3 hrs
Total 7.5 hrs driving About $380 for lodging, carriage ride, boat tour