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San Antonio: Japanese Tea Garden, Guadelupe River State Park & Brakenridge Park

Visited in December for 1 days by Drive with budget* of: US$40

The first place we went for the day was Guadeloupe River State Park. It was east to Houston, TX about 3 hrs. We walked by the river for a while and hiked to an overlook (which wasn’t worth it). The river was nice to look at with many oak trees along the bank, and could be used for fishing, as a few fishermen were out fishing. We went in winter time, it was pretty, we could image how much more prettier it would be in the park if we visited in the summer. Next, we stopped by the Japanese Tea Garden near downtown San Antonio, which was about 45 minutes south to the Guadeloupe River Park. The garden had no entrance fee, and the gardens were very beautiful. The garden, however, was small. Nonetheless, it was well worth the time. Brakenridge Park is just across the Japanese Tea Garden. It is relatively large compared to the gardens. At Brakenridge, San Antonio River ran passing across the park with many ducks swimming in. We took some time working along the river just to see the ducks.

Author's home state: TEXAS.   Created on: 2018-01-31
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Trip itinerary

Date Activity Hotels
2015-06-06 00:00:00 Drive 2.5 hrs, visit Lockhart State Park; Drive 1 hr to River Walker, San Antonio. Walk to Alamo, take horse carriage ride and back to River walk to take boat ride San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk, 889 East Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
2015-06-07 00:00:00 Drive 1 hrs and visit Overlook Park at Canyon Lake and Guadalupe Park Trail at Canyon Lake, then drive back to Houston in 3 hrs
Total 7.5 hrs driving About $380 for lodging, carriage ride, boat tour