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San Antonio Riverwalk + Canyon Lake 2 days, US$380 : (Just park your car somewhere at the San Antonio Riverwalk, you can walk to the Alamo, take a carriage tour, then just walk along the river or take a boat tour. You can do a lot and go to places to eat without driving. Canyon Lake has a beautiful view in front of you while you were walking on the dam. We also got a very close view of the dam gate with water stream gushing out, fabulous view!)
Seattle 7 days, US$2700 : (This was part of the trip we did to visit several cities along the way while we were heading to Banff National park. Chihuly Glass and Garden in Seattle was a very unique museum of amazing glass art. We highly recommend this as the first place to visit in Seattle. You could buy a bundle ticket together with the Space Needle (where you can overlook of Seattle city) to save a few dollars for the family. Olympic National Park is west to Seattle about 2 hours travel with Ferry and car. It had a coastal beach, temperate rain forest, and glacier mountain views all in one park. The Seattle downtown area is very relaxing place with ocean view restaurants and famous Pike Place Fish Market (although the fish market that is famous with throwing fish was extremely small). The Fisherman restaurant and bar had very fresh seafood, we loved the steamed clam bucket which was delicious. The Boeing plant located north to Seattle downtown. Its plant tour named “future of flight aviation center & boeing tour” was impressive especially with the airplane moving assembly line. It’s good to bring kids to the giant facility. We recommend to book tickets online to get into the tour at your planned time. North Cascades National Park was 2 hours away from Seattle in the north. It has stunning green lake water surrounded by the beautiful mountains with snow on their peaks. The green color of the water came from minerals in the water that originated from the glacier on the top of the mountain. Mount Rainier National Park was south to Seattle about 1.5 hours away. We took the Pacific Crest Trail in the park which was long (2 hrs) but gave us nice view of the Mountain Rainier as well as a lot of wild blueberries on the way. Victoria Island can only be reached by taking a ferry (with your car) at B.C Ferry Terminal in Seattle. Butchart Gardens is awesome, that’s all we would recommend on the island. Really enjoyed the walk on suspension bridge in Lynn Canyon Park. )
San Antonio: Japanese Tea Garden, Guadelupe River State Park & Brakenridge Park 1 days, US$40 : (The first place we went for the day was Guadeloupe River State Park. It was east to Houston, TX about 3 hrs. We walked by the river for a while and hiked to an overlook (which wasn’t worth it). The river was nice to look at with many oak trees along the bank, and could be used for fishing, as a few fishermen were out fishing. We went in winter time, it was pretty, we could image how much more prettier it would be in the park if we visited in the summer. Next, we stopped by the Japanese Tea Garden near downtown San Antonio, which was about 45 minutes south to the Guadeloupe River Park. The garden had no entrance fee, and the gardens were very beautiful. The garden, however, was small. Nonetheless, it was well worth the time. Brakenridge Park is just across the Japanese Tea Garden. It is relatively large compared to the gardens. At Brakenridge, San Antonio River ran passing across the park with many ducks swimming in. We took some time working along the river just to see the ducks.)
Austin: Inks Lake and Colorado Bend State Park 1 days, US$65 : (Inks Lake State Park is 3 hour’s worth driving away from Houston. At Inks Lake, there was the Devil’s Waterhole, — which it is well-known for — a gift shop, and a few miles of trails. Devil’s Waterhole is worth going — the trails are quite short, and you can swim in it if the season’s right. The trails, however, were confusing as well as tiring, and the reward is only a small forest of trees. After leaving Inks Lake, we headed to Colorado Bend State Park, only an hour’s drive from Inks Lake. After routing our way to Gorman Falls (which Colorado Bend is known for), we hiked the way down to see it — and the waterfall was magnificent! It was well worth the trip.)
Houston: Shangri La Gardens 1 days, US$65 : (Shangri La Botanical Garden is about two hours driving distance east to Houston. We visited the place the day after Thanksgiving in 2015. The entrance fee is only $6 per person. It has beautiful gardens and lakes. The greenhouses inside were very neat. Sea Rim State Park is in Port Arthur, which is 45 minutes away from Shangri La Botanical Gardens, on the way back to Houston. It is a very small park on an unclean beach.)
Dallas 2 days, US$300 : (Dallas exceeded our expections in many ways. It has a historical musuem of 6th Floor is good to visit. Its World Aquarium is definitely world class. At night time, we went to the top of the Reunion Tower with the rotational 360 degree views for the entire city. Forth Worth is a great place, not big but a lot unique places to see. We loved Fort Worth Botanical Garden, can't believe its entrance is free.)
Washington DC 6 days, US$1400 : (Washington DC had a lot to see especially for museums. We did not plan for enough time to visit museums which we can do better next time. We prefer the Natural History Museum. The hotel we stayed is located in a nice location in Washington DC with a lot of accommodations. )
Miami 8 days, US$1700 : (Miami is a city where you can find pretty beaches every where you go. In addition to the beautiful beaches, we loved Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which has a unique architect with a grand style. You would need to be careful driving in Miami, where SunPass would be required. But don't worry, even you don't have one, you can call in later to make the payment. Just be careful to not get onto an express lane without Sunpass ($25 fine each time). We took a bottom glass tour in Key West, which is just OK but should have spent more time in the town and parks there. )
New Orleans 2 days, US$400 : (New Orleans is a very festive place, and its food is very delectable. We came in time for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, but the $70 admission price for adults is overpriced.)