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Beaches Items (3 items)

Myrtle Beach, SC and Orange Beach, AL 8 days, US$1250 : (On the first day, we drove along I-10 through Louisiana to a country road that went to Atlanta, taking about 12 hours. We stayed in a Fairfield Marriott for 1 night and ate at a place called Love’s Seafood., then drove 3 hours to Congaree National Park the next day. Be warned- mosquitoes are serious here! We stayed all day, then drove another 3 hours to our Marriott Resort & Spa. There, we ate at a nearby Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet. We stayed at our hotel for 3 nights visiting Broadway at the Beach, where we saw many big fishes in the water and also visited the Wonderworks there which had some rides. We ate at Chesapeake House and Bimini’s Seafood at Myrtle beach. Afterwards, we visited the Charleston and stayed at a Andell Inn Marriott on Kiawah Island, which is mainly for golfing. The Andell Inn was one of the very rare Marriott hotels we probably won't plan to go back.)
South Padre Island 3 days, US$350 : (South Padre Island has many beautiful beaches and oceanfronts. The hotel we booked has direct access to the oceanfront. Also, the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center was the best wetland park we visited, which had so many to see while board-walking.)
Port Aransas 4 days, US$40 : (Port Aransas had beautiful beaches. The best part is its Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center which had many bird types to watch while walking on the boardwalk. The lunch place of Seafood & Spaghetti Works restaurant had water view and good food.)