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Palm Beach, Florida 8 days, US$1400 : (We started driving on Christmas Day, and drove all day. We ate lunch and dinner on the way using Yelp, and slept at the Marriott Courtyard Tallahassee Downtown/Capital. The next day, we ate breakfast and drove for most of the day, and ate dinner at Kapow! Asian Fusion before retiring to our hotel-another Marriott Courtyard, this time at Palm Beach(note, not Palm Beach Airport). The next day, we went to John B. MacArthur State Park, but there wasn't much to do because for water conditions. After that, we went to Lake Worth, only to be rained out. We ended up holing up in the hotel for quite a while after that. The next day, we went to the Flagler Museum and spent an hour or 2 there. Then, after a quick lunch, we went to Red Reef State Park, though it turns out that we could have probably parked a few miles away along the beach and still would have had around the same experience. After building a nice sand castle, we ate dinner and returned to the hotel. The day after that, we ate breakfast and headed to Manatee Lagoon- literally just a power plant with an exhibit all about manatees. It was pretty good, but kind of boring, as one can only absorb so much information about manatees. Then, we went to Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Museum. This was by far the best place we went to today. There were lots of exhibits, places outside to see stuff and catch some fresh air, and of course, a lighthouse with a nice view. We spent 1 or 2 hours there, and then went to Juno Beach and stayed for a few hours as my brother and I built another sand castle. We then went back to our hotel. The day after that, we drove for a few hours to Kennedy Space Center and spent the entire day there. The place was very fun, but it was almost the same as the one in Houston. We wound up arriving at our hotel at around 11. The next morning, we went to Bay Bluffs State Park. It was OK but it was rainy and the water on the beach was dirty. We drove for the rest of the day to our hotel.)
Myrtle Beach, SC and Orange Beach, AL 8 days, US$1250 : (On the first day, we drove along I-10 through Louisiana to a country road that went to Atlanta, taking about 12 hours. We stayed in a Fairfield Marriott for 1 night and ate at a place called Love’s Seafood., then drove 3 hours to Congaree National Park the next day. Be warned- mosquitoes are serious here! We stayed all day, then drove another 3 hours to our Marriott Resort & Spa. There, we ate at a nearby Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet. We stayed at our hotel for 3 nights visiting Broadway at the Beach, where we saw many big fishes in the water and also visited the Wonderworks there which had some rides. We ate at Chesapeake House and Bimini’s Seafood at Myrtle beach. Afterwards, we visited the Charleston and stayed at a Andell Inn Marriott on Kiawah Island, which is mainly for golfing. The Andell Inn was one of the very rare Marriott hotels we probably won't plan to go back.)
South Padre Island 3 days, US$350 : (South Padre Island has many beautiful beaches and oceanfronts. The hotel we booked has direct access to the oceanfront. Also, the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center was the best wetland park we visited, which had so many to see while board-walking.)
Port Aransas 4 days, US$40 : (Port Aransas had beautiful beaches. The best part is its Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center which had many bird types to watch while walking on the boardwalk. The lunch place of Seafood & Spaghetti Works restaurant had water view and good food.)